#11 Ignomus – Can you hear (feat. DavidSenn and Katie Bregman)

This was a song I found out there, in my soundcloud group… It got me because it has a great soundtrack vibe. The track had everything to make you feel relax: deep kicks, Katie’s voice, soft guitar notes, … resuming, Ignomus made a good job in that single and you should check it out:

Artist – Ignomus
Song – Can you hear
Genre – Downtempo
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

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#Special 10 Hurricane Love – Nowhere to go

As promised, every 10 posts we’ll have a special entry of special music. So we open this series with a band that made my Erasmus a complete experience.

Artist – Hurricane Love
Song/video – Nowhere to go
Genre: Arena Pop/ Acoustic
Source: Raz
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#9 Teapo – Culture Bombing

The other day I was on the world biggest urban forest in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and I went for a little walk. It is amazing how well you can hear bird songs…all away from human creation. So a bird that was nearby sang…

Artist – Teapo
Song – Culture Bombing
Genre – Hip-Hop/Instrumental
Source – Artist’s Soundcloud


Note: Don’t miss the special post number 10! Check the section “about” to know more.