#23 Mesita – Yr Eyes


“I’ve thinking about it…
I’ve thinking about it”,
so I decided to post about it.

I listen to Mesita work since his song Vigilant started to be John Hill‘s outro on Youtube. The second love became Somewhere Else from his “Here’s to nowhere” album, my usual gaming soundtrack. Damn, so many links… Anyway, that song is crazy enjoyable… one of those I listen to all day long in repeat mode.

And then Littleton came out in March. Naturally I hit play and expect some more greatness. You see, Mesita, which I wrongly pronounce (Mezita), is a classical example of great talent which the music’s industry didn’t absorb – yet. His seventh album, if I’m not mistaken, comes packed with a wavy journey with several different vibes throughout Littleton, smartly put together of course. After listening to it eight or nine times I had to write something.

yr eyesAs I’ve been a bit busy, I didn’t have the time to write an album review. Thus, I’m just passing by to show you “Yr Eyes”, my favorite song from it (currently in my headphones). Everything about it is awesome. In my opinion, this writing and singing structure you’re about to hear is what best suits Mesita’s style. I also appreciate what he did with the instrumental, creating little sections connected harmonically by rhythmic notes…the verse gets keys,  the chorus gets guitar. I’m sure you’re also gonna like the details and atmosphere on it.

“Okay, what am I saying? Okay what am I but the” guy who brings the Songs I Find Out There:

Artist – Mesita
Song – Yr Eyes
Genre – Indie Rock / And IIIIIII Knoooow, we ain’t gonna meet in another life…
Source – Youtube’s notification

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Tender Grasp EP (2018) #1 – Sifot Review

The Tender Grasp EP is here, so let’s check it out. For those who don’t know, their track “Can’t Wait” was featured in the last post. This is my first review in a loooooong time… probably since the ones I did on Infektion Magazine. Yes… a metal magazine. Anyway, I’ll try to make this in a methodical way (would this be my academic heritage?). Once the project is only five tracks I find it is cool to go one by one.

Sem Título
Original art by Francisco San Payo

What you need to know first is that Tender Grasp is a portuguese Future Funk duo from Lisbon, Iminente and Combo Capsule. I’m not going to explain what FF is, primarily because I did it in the previous post, and secondly due to my lack of confidence in explain it further than that. I’m learning ok? But music is music, so let’s take a look to this new EP.

Structure wise you get five tracks in the following order:

1) Online Crush

I find that this opening track was the best to fit the place. I know Portugal is still facing winter, but as I’m in Brazil, this speaks summer all over the place. The song is uplifting due to its tempo, vibrant brass and bass lines, and makes you want to dance… or if you’re like me, just shake your head back and forward. It’s cool to see little variations and details on the samples along the track, which are probably Iminente’s hip-hop background mischief. I just realized that this is probably a good motivation song for workout… but because I don’t do that shit I’ll wait for others to endorse that point.


2) Can’t Wait

There is no point in making this long, once I talked about “Can’t Wait” in my last post. Thus, I consider this more of a night life track, with slower tempo than “Online Crush” but still a danceable vibe. We have, again, great bass line, atmosphere and sample trick-lining.

3) Right on Time

Let me brag a bit about “timing”, once Sifot got previous access to the EP… I’m listening to it continuously. Moving on, this track is the one I liked the least. I recognized the potencial in the idea, with all those breaks and stuff but, what could have been great, and I mean the constant changes which create several different sections on the same song, was just ok and not that inspiring. I also feel that, although all seems in place, there is a lack of harmony between the samples used and the beat. Some of those look a bit thrown into the multitrack to fill in. All and all its a decent track, but not as striking as the others on the project.

4) Megane (featuring Lé Real)

combo capsule
Combo Capsule

For me this is their most radio track… What before were details of Iminente’s background on hip-hop is now a more notable choice on the sample cuts and bass line pattern. The rapper Lé Real entered in the flow of Combo Capsule’s beat that brings you back to that FF feel. This could be Tender Grasp’ signature, mixing both producers backgrounds regularly to create something with a stronger identity and, at the same time, less generic.

5) Joy

Maaannn, this is my favorite by far! First, the structure… This song is almost divided in three. The first part goes until around the minute mark, giving you a solid work in similarity of what was done in tracks as “Online Crush” or “Can’t wait”. Then it migrates to a more breakbeat feel with awweeesome use of the samples. You get a sort of bridge/chorus and then, around the 1:50 mark, a new variant of the track appears. Now more obscure with minimalist drums and post effects on the samples. Fucking love it! The downside of this song is not being twice as long, but hey… there’s always the repeat mode. It works for me.

Other stuff…

For what I heard of this genre, Tender Grasp has enough to make something great. It doesn’t run away from the genre but it doesn’t stay still either. In just five songs they’ve made familiar FF but also mixed things up. The quality is there. On the other hand, I would say that tracks as “Online Crush” and “Megane” ended a bit on the uninspired side. There were better options than a simple fade out, specially in the latter. But these points are totally minor.

Grade: Go listen to “Joy” in repeat mode!

The whole playlist can be listen for free here:

You can download for free (or by choosing to donate whatever amount you want) on their Bandcamp page. You can also follow Iminente or Combo Capsule individually.

#22 Tender Grasp – Can’t Wait


Hear me now!

Today I learned about a new music genre through the song I bring you today. To be fair, it’s rare the occasion when I’m sure about a music genre definition, and what makes it what it is. Categorizing what we’re normally listen to won’t be that hard, but I’m sure we follow artists and listen to songs without even imagine the culture and specifications behind them. Being concerned with assigning the right labels to music isn’t something very useful to the common audience anyway. But there is always a reason (I hope) behind these names, which normally provide cool insights about what you’re listening. Labeling music is an interesting topic for discussion, but let’s get right into the track of today’s post.

“Can’t Wait” is the first release of Tender Grasp, a portuguese Future Funk duo. A “future what?” I asked myself… Apparently there isn’t a single definition of it. After reading some posts and comments about this topic, it seems Future Funk is a sub-genre of Vaporwave (another thing I had to google, because I had heard of it but never listened to). FF has it’s roots in Funk and Disco, and fall back on the use of samples (love it) around the 70’s and 80’s. There is also some sort of connection to Japan that I couldn’t figure out properly. I would be interested in learning more about Future Funk, so add what you know down in the comments if you want.

Anyway… The track I bring you today is quite uplifting and light, what it seems to be natural characteristics of this sub-genre. “Can’t wait” screams night life and fun moments. Just take a look at it and tell me if you agree. I listened to it in repeat mode for and hour or two…

Artist – Tender Grasp
Song – Can’t Wait
Genre – Future Funk / Disco Funk / Show me those samples!
Source – While talking with Iminente

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You can listen the song for free here:

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Relaunching Sifot

This should be the 10th time I tell myself I’m going to relaunch and dedicate to this site… well, maybe this is the time it will happen. I changed the layout because the other one was absolutely ugly (including the “logo”). This is a temporary free layout until I get one better and find someone to do some logo design for it…

To make sure I’ll have time for this project, I’m thinking about different types of posts: long and short. Thus, if something happens which prevents me from writing a normal post, I may have other and fun options. Until then, and I hope it takes no more than two weeks to happen, I prefer not to post something just for the sake of posting.

Signing out

#1_MLS Bonobo – Recurring

Welcome to the opening post of my MLS series – My Life’s Soundtrack. I know this isn’t new nor revolutionary, but I wanna do it anyway. As you may already be aware, posts on Sifot are about Songs I Find Out There, and they’re posted only after the artist’s consent. The MLS series will be different on that, as I’ll be posting randomly about songs that mean something to me (or at least did in the past)…and hey, a lot of these people aren’t reachable…oh yes, and some are just dead. The title and concept of My Life’s Soundtrack are self-explanatory. So let’s begin! Oh, I almost forgot, use #1_MLS if you talk about this entry on your social media.

Bonobo – Recurring 

Back in 2004/2005 I started doing agressive inline – rollerskating while doing tricks etc. – and one day, I was watching skate and inline skate videos on youtube. That feeling of watching videos and then skate is priceless… skaters and action sports fans know exactly what I’m talking about. So I end up clicking on a vid of a pro inline skater (don’t remember the name). He was showing his pro model bla bla bla, and then a song started… It was “Recurring” from Bonobo.

After researching I realize that there was a genre called Downtempo, and I was blown away by it. This happened back in 2006 or 2007, same year I started producing some weird hip-hop beats. Later I understood I was doing some experimental downtempo. Anyway, I felt like that was my home, as it became my favorite music genre, instantly. Bonobo became my favorite musician, and still is.

This Recurring track is one of my favorite songs to skate, although I’m super rusty and not skating regularly now. Let me also say that I went to a Bonobo show, in Krakow – Poland (2014). And that’s it! I think this is the back story of Recurring in my life. Expect other Bonobo songs in the future loool…

Song – Recurring from Bonobo
Genre – I would say Downtempo, but don’t know if it is categorize differently.
First contact – Somewhere in 2006/2007. Definitely in the summer.
How I currently feel about it – Nostalgic; Still love it; Best song for skating;

(Video from Bonobo’s oficial Youtube Channel)

Final notes
1 – 
I will always do my back story with all the tracks I post in this format. Remember that Sifot is still a personal blog/site/project…
2 – You can check the complete list of My Life’s Soundtrack songs here.
3 – All tracks/videos posted in this MLS series will always have the original artists’ pages and channels as source.