#12 Sloth Trees – Lack of trying

It has been a while since I’ve posted here… I’ve been busy with work and stuff, but as you can tell with this post, Sifot is still on! Today I bring you a beautiful song from a special city. Bermingham is the place where “Cultural Studies”, the area of study of my first degree, got its first boom… I know this hasn’t anything to do with Sloth Trees’ track, but hey…it’s my blog.

Anyway, this song is great for you to relax and think about cultural studies…kidding. “Lack of trying” of Sloth Trees makes me think that the song would fit really well in some movie soundtrack. I didn’t ask S.T. if some of the samples/sounds were supposed to be a bit out of tempo, but I liked it (glitch lover here!). Because of it, I stop expecting to hear the snare (snare lover here! Ok, I stop), and I end up paying more attention to the harmony. I would say that “hypnotic” is the best word to describe the track. Maybe “minimal”…I don’t know, what do you think?

Artist – Sloth Trees
Song – Lack of trying
Genre – Minimal / Electronica
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

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