#18 Arctween – Get Moving!

I know, I know… you guys are like “wow…two posts within the same week?”. Improvements my friends, improvements. Well, today I bring you a kind of special entry, because music that belongs to friends must be supported as much as our favorite artists. Even more! At the same time I’m far from making any favor, and you’ll see why. So, this track comes from Portugal (I suppose) and it was made by Arctween, or if you prefer, Tito Romão. Tito used to skate with me back in 2004/2005 (inline skating mostly). He was always connected with and to music and if you are Portuguese, you may recognize him from the band Salto.

Anyways… Arctween is, for what I’ve understood, an experimental project. I can’t tell you exactly what to expect, so I recommend you to go and follow his project if you like what you’re about to hear. Overall I’ve found his first Soundcloud featured song really solid, liking specially the bass line and how the whole song slowly grows. It is better for you to get moving and listen to it:

Artist – Arctween
Song – Get Moving!
Genre – Eletronic / Experimental / Moving song? (understand that as you please haha)
Source – While talking with Tito

Follow Arctweem’s work at:

While you can listen to the song for free, the track is downloadable (odd word, right?) for just 1€ at his Bandcamp:

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