#Special 20 Davide Gravato -Handpan Freestyle

Yeah, “it’s mi, Mario!”. Don’t know if everybody is going to get that, but what I was trying to say was: yes…that’s me in the video. I was expecting to post something else, but with work and study, I couldn’t arrange to post another’s musician/band video.

In this video, somewhere filmed in 2015, I went to the Pedra Azul’ Park (ES-Brazil) to relax, and end up filming an improvisation on my handpan. This stone is known for changing color up to 36 times per day. It’s not easy to see from the angle on the video, but there is a smaller stone on it that resembles a lizard. So that’s it… hope you enjoy.

Artist – Davide Gravato
Song/video – Freestyle/ improvisation
Genre: Handpan music / Metal music / Other
Source: ME (daahh)

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