Odd situation… end of Downtempo Artists Group

As you may know, I usually use my Downtempo Artists Group on Soundcloud to find new tracks, so I can post them on Sifot. The thing is… Soundcloud has put groups to an end. So I don’t know how I’m gonna find songs from emerging artists as easy as it was before… I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of them out there, but I also had thousands of submissions. People who are willing to submit a track to a group will probably be willing to let me post their content. Sifot only posts content previously authorized by the artists, otherwise it would be way more posts on it.

Well… I guess I’ll try to talk with bands and artists who I’m friends with, hoping this helps Sifot to a point where other artists may want to submit their work directly.

So, if you want to be featured on Sifot, send me an email to contact@sifot.net! Warning: this is a personal blog/site, meaning I will only post tracks that speaks to me. But I will obviously listen to all your submissions.

Thank you all!

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