#21 Tish Hyman -All that I can do

Tish’s work hit me so hard that I’m going straight to the point. So… I was checking Valete’s Facebook page (portuguese rap), and I saw a clip called “Subway art” from Tish Hyman. After 30 or 40 minutes I was already in “damn this is good!” mode. Went to youtube and searched for Tish Hyman, which led me to her “Dreams” track… another cool song. I asked Tish through youtube if I could post something about her work, and she said “blog it away”, so here it is. Before I blog about “Subway art” or “Dreams” I bought her album and checked the other songs. Lucky me!

I liked basically every song – honor mention to 4 letter words – but I have to give a big shout out to “All that I can do”. This song is not only a basis of Tish’s positioning through her album, as it is a excellent piece by itself. I don’t know exactly how to translate Tish’s style as a whole because she seems to have a lot of influences… but if I had to do it, I’d say you can expect something between rap, nu-soul and r&b (with influences of other genres).

Her lyrics sound really personal, not only in “All that I can do”, but in other tracks as well. I don’t know about you, but I really dig her mellow/smokey tone. Some of my friends became instantly addicted (as I am), which makes me think that it is a question of time for Tish to become super relevant.

Artist – Tish Hyman
Song – All that I can do
Genre – R&B/ Nu-Soul / Rap / Sifot loves this! (haha)
Source – Tish Hyman’s Youtube channel  (and Valete’s FB page)

You can follow Tish Hyman’s work at:

Tish Hyman’s album, Dedicated to:, can also be bought on iTunes, Spotify, etc… info here. (it’s really affordable!)

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