Welcome to Sifot!

In this blog/site you will find songs (and videos) of various artists and genres. These songs are from a) people that I know, b) people that send me the tracks, but also, as Sifot means, c) just “songs I find out there”.

In the future we plan to launch the Sifot Tapes: This is an idea powered by Eodem Project where songs that were posted on Sifot will be released in “mixtape” project. There are 3 main sections, and they will be available on the Downloads section:

“Nu-Soul, Underground Rap and other mambos”
“Acoustic, Indie Folk and some cousins”
“Electronic, Chill Out and several bip bips”

Who’s running this?

My name is Davide Gravato and I do also create music. If you want to know more about me and my other projects, check out my facebook.

Contacts and links

To send your tracks; partnerships; or just ask something e-mail me at contact@sifot.net

You can also follow these links to:

Listen to all featured songs Sifot Soundcloud
Watch all featured videos Sifot Youtube
Get into every news and updates Sifot Facebook

If you think it will be fun to discover new songs and artists, but also be part of Sifot community, hit the subscribe button, and follow/participate on our social media. Thank you =)

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