#21 Tish Hyman -All that I can do

Tish’s work hit me so hard that I’m going straight to the point. So… I was checking Valete’s Facebook page (portuguese rap), and I saw a clip called “Subway art” from Tish Hyman. After 30 or 40 minutes I was already in “damn this is good!” mode. Went to youtube and searched for Tish Hyman, which led me to her “Dreams” track… another cool song. I asked Tish through youtube if I could post something about her work, and she said “blog it away”, so here it is. Before I blog about “Subway art” or “Dreams” I bought her album and checked the other songs. Lucky me!

I liked basically every song – honor mention to 4 letter words – but I have to give a big shout out to “All that I can do”. This song is not only a basis of Tish’s positioning through her album, as it is a excellent piece by itself. I don’t know exactly how to translate Tish’s style as a whole because she seems to have a lot of influences… but if I had to do it, I’d say you can expect something between rap, nu-soul and r&b (with influences of other genres).

Her lyrics sound really personal, not only in “All that I can do”, but in other tracks as well. I don’t know about you, but I really dig her mellow/smokey tone. Some of my friends became instantly addicted (as I am), which makes me think that it is a question of time for Tish to become super relevant.

Artist – Tish Hyman
Song – All that I can do
Genre – R&B/ Nu-Soul / Rap / Sifot loves this! (haha)
Source – Tish Hyman’s Youtube channel  (and Valete’s FB page)

You can follow Tish Hyman’s work at:

Tish Hyman’s album, Dedicated to:, can also be bought on iTunes, Spotify, etc… info here. (it’s really affordable!)

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#16 Atentado Napalm – Tempos Modernos

I should had done this post before because I listen to this group two months ago…but here we are. So I went to São Paulo… yes, I’m currently living in Brazil, and when walking along the Avenida Paulista I came across this tall dude selling  CDs. He’s from a group called Atentado Napalm, and was selling their 2013 album for just 5 or 10 reais, I can’t remember now. But even it it was 10 reais, it’s just 2.41€, which is nothing…

After buying the album I got a good surprise. As a note, I have to say that I’ve bought it to support these guys even without knowing it they were any good. So I got intrigued by the album’s name. It’s called “Pronto Como Um Macaco Para Ser Lançado Ao Espaço”, which can be translated into “Ready as a monkey to be launched into space”. Hahaha, cool name right? What will be this work about?

Of course I’m not gonna do an album review, hoping you will listen to it =). But I can say that a lot of the tracks included were quite good. My favorite ones were (are) “Queimadura química” (Chemical burn), “O clã das rimas voadoras” (The flying rhymes’ clan), “Siglas” (Acronyms), and my favorite by far – “Tempos Modernos” (Modern times). This last one made me remember of Valete’s track “Nossos tempos”.

Are you ready to be launched into space?

Artists – Atentado Napalm
Song – Tempos Modernos
Genre – Rap / Underground / Monkey’s Space Mambo?
Source – CD sold at Avenida Paulista by one of the group members

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Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube 

I think you can download this album for free but I didn’t find a link. To buy a hard copy contact the group via Facebook. For now I let you with my favorite track:

Note: When I tried to convert Reais in Euros I’ve used a conversor online. When typing my search for it I’ve wrote “conversor de moerdas” wrongly… Portuguese speakers will get it hehehe

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#9 Teapo – Culture Bombing

The other day I was on the world biggest urban forest in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and I went for a little walk. It is amazing how well you can hear bird songs…all away from human creation. So a bird that was nearby sang…

Artist – Teapo
Song – Culture Bombing
Genre – Hip-Hop/Instrumental
Source – Artist’s Soundcloud


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