#1_MLS Bonobo – Recurring

Welcome to the opening post of my MLS series – My Life’s Soundtrack. I know this isn’t new nor revolutionary, but I wanna do it anyway. As you may already be aware, posts on Sifot are about Songs I Find Out There, and they’re posted only after the artist’s consent. The MLS series will be different on that, as I’ll be posting randomly about songs that mean something to me (or at least did in the past)…and hey, a lot of these people aren’t reachable…oh yes, and some are just dead. The title and concept of My Life’s Soundtrack are self-explanatory. So let’s begin! Oh, I almost forgot, use #1_MLS if you talk about this entry on your social media.

Bonobo – Recurring 

Back in 2004/2005 I started doing agressive inline – rollerskating while doing tricks etc. – and one day, I was watching skate and inline skate videos on youtube. That feeling of watching videos and then skate is priceless… skaters and action sports fans know exactly what I’m talking about. So I end up clicking on a vid of a pro inline skater (don’t remember the name). He was showing his pro model bla bla bla, and then a song started… It was “Recurring” from Bonobo.

After researching I realize that there was a genre called Downtempo, and I was blown away by it. This happened back in 2006 or 2007, same year I started producing some weird hip-hop beats. Later I understood I was doing some experimental downtempo. Anyway, I felt like that was my home, as it became my favorite music genre, instantly. Bonobo became my favorite musician, and still is.

This Recurring track is one of my favorite songs to skate, although I’m super rusty and not skating regularly now. Let me also say that I went to a Bonobo show, in Krakow – Poland (2014). And that’s it! I think this is the back story of Recurring in my life. Expect other Bonobo songs in the future loool…

Song – Recurring from Bonobo
Genre – I would say Downtempo, but don’t know if it is categorize differently.
First contact – Somewhere in 2006/2007. Definitely in the summer.
How I currently feel about it – Nostalgic; Still love it; Best song for skating;

(Video from Bonobo’s oficial Youtube Channel)

Final notes
1 – 
I will always do my back story with all the tracks I post in this format. Remember that Sifot is still a personal blog/site/project…
2 – You can check the complete list of My Life’s Soundtrack songs here.
3 – All tracks/videos posted in this MLS series will always have the original artists’ pages and channels as source.

#21 Tish Hyman -All that I can do

Tish’s work hit me so hard that I’m going straight to the point. So… I was checking Valete’s Facebook page (portuguese rap), and I saw a clip called “Subway art” from Tish Hyman. After 30 or 40 minutes I was already in “damn this is good!” mode. Went to youtube and searched for Tish Hyman, which led me to her “Dreams” track… another cool song. I asked Tish through youtube if I could post something about her work, and she said “blog it away”, so here it is. Before I blog about “Subway art” or “Dreams” I bought her album and checked the other songs. Lucky me!

I liked basically every song – honor mention to 4 letter words – but I have to give a big shout out to “All that I can do”. This song is not only a basis of Tish’s positioning through her album, as it is a excellent piece by itself. I don’t know exactly how to translate Tish’s style as a whole because she seems to have a lot of influences… but if I had to do it, I’d say you can expect something between rap, nu-soul and r&b (with influences of other genres).

Her lyrics sound really personal, not only in “All that I can do”, but in other tracks as well. I don’t know about you, but I really dig her mellow/smokey tone. Some of my friends became instantly addicted (as I am), which makes me think that it is a question of time for Tish to become super relevant.

Artist – Tish Hyman
Song – All that I can do
Genre – R&B/ Nu-Soul / Rap / Sifot loves this! (haha)
Source – Tish Hyman’s Youtube channel  (and Valete’s FB page)

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Tish Hyman’s album, Dedicated to:, can also be bought on iTunes, Spotify, etc… info here. (it’s really affordable!)

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Odd situation… end of Downtempo Artists Group

As you may know, I usually use my Downtempo Artists Group on Soundcloud to find new tracks, so I can post them on Sifot. The thing is… Soundcloud has put groups to an end. So I don’t know how I’m gonna find songs from emerging artists as easy as it was before… I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of them out there, but I also had thousands of submissions. People who are willing to submit a track to a group will probably be willing to let me post their content. Sifot only posts content previously authorized by the artists, otherwise it would be way more posts on it.

Well… I guess I’ll try to talk with bands and artists who I’m friends with, hoping this helps Sifot to a point where other artists may want to submit their work directly.

So, if you want to be featured on Sifot, send me an email to contact@sifot.net! Warning: this is a personal blog/site, meaning I will only post tracks that speaks to me. But I will obviously listen to all your submissions.

Thank you all!

#Special 20 Davide Gravato -Handpan Freestyle

Yeah, “it’s mi, Mario!”. Don’t know if everybody is going to get that, but what I was trying to say was: yes…that’s me in the video. I was expecting to post something else, but with work and study, I couldn’t arrange to post another’s musician/band video.

In this video, somewhere filmed in 2015, I went to the Pedra Azul’ Park (ES-Brazil) to relax, and end up filming an improvisation on my handpan. This stone is known for changing color up to 36 times per day. It’s not easy to see from the angle on the video, but there is a smaller stone on it that resembles a lizard. So that’s it… hope you enjoy.

Artist – Davide Gravato
Song/video – Freestyle/ improvisation
Genre: Handpan music / Metal music / Other
Source: ME (daahh)

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#19 Gustavsite – Sade

Hey hey! Are you sade? No, really…are you? I don’t know what does “sade” mean, but I’m happy with it (god, I’m terrible with jokes). So, Sade is the track I’m bringing you today. It was made by Gustavsite, from France. Just, to clarify, I really don’t know what “sade” means. After checking in google translator, no english or french was working for me. Google told me to check it in swedish. It seems that it means “say” (like someone “said” something), but I don’t think Gustavsite wanted to express anything in swedish lol. Forgot to ask.

Anyways… I don’t know about you, but I love downtempo related tracks with sax. Obviously I liked this one. But the whole song is cool, so even if you aren’t crazy with saxs as I am, you can still check it out.

Artist – Gustavsite
Song – Sade
Genre – Downtempo / Storyteller / Sade song? (Not sad…I’m just really bad with jokes)
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

You can follow Gustavsite’s work at:

Gustavsite was clear about all his tracks being free for download, so this is no exception:

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