#18 Arctween – Get Moving!

I know, I know… you guys are like “wow…two posts within the same week?”. Improvements my friends, improvements. Well, today I bring you a kind of special entry, because music that belongs to friends must be supported as much as our favorite artists. Even more! At the same time I’m far from making any favor, and you’ll see why. So, this track comes from Portugal (I suppose) and it was made by Arctween, or if you prefer, Tito Romão. Tito used to skate with me back in 2004/2005 (inline skating mostly). He was always connected with and to music and if you are Portuguese, you may recognize him from the band Salto.

Anyways… Arctween is, for what I’ve understood, an experimental project. I can’t tell you exactly what to expect, so I recommend you to go and follow his project if you like what you’re about to hear. Overall I’ve found his first Soundcloud featured song really solid, liking specially the bass line and how the whole song slowly grows. It is better for you to get moving and listen to it:

Artist – Arctween
Song – Get Moving!
Genre – Eletronic / Experimental / Moving song? (understand that as you please haha)
Source – While talking with Tito

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While you can listen to the song for free, the track is downloadable (odd word, right?) for just 1€ at his Bandcamp:

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#17 Anjero – Air / 100 likes on FB

Hey ma people! First of all we have reached +100 likes on Sifot’s Facebook page. I know it is not much, but it is still important to me. I used this blog/site without a schedule nor a sense of obligation when posting. Just check the counting… we are at the 17th post hehehe. Anyway, I just want to thank you all =)

Today’s track is from Anjero from Russia. In fact I’m making a song with Anjero, although it’ been a while since I worked on it. The track I bring you makes me remember why I like Downtempo music. Maybe it’s the harmony of it, or the nice layers of sounds which makes me float. It relaxes me, but at the same time makes me enter in a kind of brainstorming, motivating me to do something. And these aren’t mere words, or some cliche review… but what nice downtempo makes me feel.

Artist – Anjero
Song – Air
Genre – Downtempo / Eletronic / Aerial music?
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

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The good news is that you can listen and legally download the track for free. I’ve already done it:

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#16 Atentado Napalm – Tempos Modernos

I should had done this post before because I listen to this group two months ago…but here we are. So I went to São Paulo… yes, I’m currently living in Brazil, and when walking along the Avenida Paulista I came across this tall dude selling  CDs. He’s from a group called Atentado Napalm, and was selling their 2013 album for just 5 or 10 reais, I can’t remember now. But even it it was 10 reais, it’s just 2.41€, which is nothing…

After buying the album I got a good surprise. As a note, I have to say that I’ve bought it to support these guys even without knowing it they were any good. So I got intrigued by the album’s name. It’s called “Pronto Como Um Macaco Para Ser Lançado Ao Espaço”, which can be translated into “Ready as a monkey to be launched into space”. Hahaha, cool name right? What will be this work about?

Of course I’m not gonna do an album review, hoping you will listen to it =). But I can say that a lot of the tracks included were quite good. My favorite ones were (are) “Queimadura química” (Chemical burn), “O clã das rimas voadoras” (The flying rhymes’ clan), “Siglas” (Acronyms), and my favorite by far – “Tempos Modernos” (Modern times). This last one made me remember of Valete’s track “Nossos tempos”.

Are you ready to be launched into space?

Artists – Atentado Napalm
Song – Tempos Modernos
Genre – Rap / Underground / Monkey’s Space Mambo?
Source – CD sold at Avenida Paulista by one of the group members

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I think you can download this album for free but I didn’t find a link. To buy a hard copy contact the group via Facebook. For now I let you with my favorite track:

Note: When I tried to convert Reais in Euros I’ve used a conversor online. When typing my search for it I’ve wrote “conversor de moerdas” wrongly… Portuguese speakers will get it hehehe

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#15 The Mask of Chill – Soft Rain

The track I’m bringing you is not new, it has two years already, but I’ve found it more or less recently. It’s not difficult to mentally ramble, within anything that comes to your mind in the moment you listen to it. It feels like it was an experience song because it has only two minutes, and I would like to listen to the rest of the story. For instance, it could go from a “Soft Rain” to a “Heavy Rain” if you know what I mean (no, not the videogame).

Quentin Austin or, if you prefer, The Mask of Chill, is the creator of this peace and he lives somewhere in the clouds. So just visit his page for more content like this…

Artist – The Mask of Chill
Song – Soft Rain
Genre – Chill Out / Experimental / Two minutes track?
Source – Downtempo Artists Group 

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You can check Soft Rain here:

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#14 Sub Liquid – Monday Whispers

Yo! Long time no see… I’ve just realized how said this site (blog?) is… I’m not posting anything, but at the same time I can’t forget it. Anyway… today I’m posting.

And today it is not monday, but I promise you’ll like this track I’ve found. The song is called Monday Whispers and it was made by Graham Pisarek, or Sub Liquid if you prefer. This track is the first song of his 2014 LP (Beneath Your Reflection):

“Beneath Your Reflection” is an eight track electronic exploration of Downtempo, Instrumental Hip Hop, and IDM. Based on found sound and organic instrumentation, with an emphasis on melody and atmosphere. The album marks the 10th release from the Northern California composer, and his first full length effort.” Sub Liquid’s Soundcloud

You can expect a nice guitar mixed with cool textures and electronic whispers (me trying to be poetic). I think it is best for you to listen to it…

Artist – Sub Liquid
Song – Monday Whispers (from Beneath Your Reflection LP)
Genre – Trip Hop/ IDM/ Monday songs?
Source – Downtempo Artists Group 

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Facebook – Soundcloud – Twitter  – Official Site

Beneath Your Reflection is for sale in a “name your price” system here, but you can listen to Monday Whispers (and other tracks) for free:


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