#22 Tender Grasp – Can’t Wait


Hear me now!

Today I learned about a new music genre through the song I bring you today. To be fair, it’s rare the occasion when I’m sure about a music genre definition, and what makes it what it is. Categorizing what we’re normally listen to won’t be that hard, but I’m sure we follow artists and listen to songs without even imagine the culture and specifications behind them. Being concerned with assigning the right labels to music isn’t something very useful to the common audience anyway. But there is always a reason (I hope) behind these names, which normally provide cool insights about what you’re listening. Labeling music is an interesting topic for discussion, but let’s get right into the track of today’s post.

“Can’t Wait” is the first release of Tender Grasp, a portuguese Future Funk duo. A “future what?” I asked myself… Apparently there isn’t a single definition of it. After reading some posts and comments about this topic, it seems Future Funk is a sub-genre of Vaporwave (another thing I had to google, because I had heard of it but never listened to). FF has it’s roots in Funk and Disco, and fall back on the use of samples (love it) around the 70’s and 80’s. There is also some sort of connection to Japan that I couldn’t figure out properly. I would be interested in learning more about Future Funk, so add what you know down in the comments if you want.

Anyway… The track I bring you today is quite uplifting and light, what it seems to be natural characteristics of this sub-genre. “Can’t wait” screams night life and fun moments. Just take a look at it and tell me if you agree. I listened to it in repeat mode for and hour or two…

Artist – Tender Grasp
Song – Can’t Wait
Genre – Future Funk / Disco Funk / Show me those samples!
Source – While talking with Iminente

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