#17 Anjero – Air / 100 likes on FB

Hey ma people! First of all we have reached +100 likes on Sifot’s Facebook page. I know it is not much, but it is still important to me. I used this blog/site without a schedule nor a sense of obligation when posting. Just check the counting… we are at the 17th post hehehe. Anyway, I just want to thank you all =)

Today’s track is from Anjero from Russia. In fact I’m making a song with Anjero, although it’ been a while since I worked on it. The track I bring you makes me remember why I like Downtempo music. Maybe it’s the harmony of it, or the nice layers of sounds which makes me float. It relaxes me, but at the same time makes me enter in a kind of brainstorming, motivating me to do something. And these aren’t mere words, or some cliche review… but what nice downtempo makes me feel.

Artist – Anjero
Song – Air
Genre – Downtempo / Eletronic / Aerial music?
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

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The good news is that you can listen and legally download the track for free. I’ve already done it:

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#13 Naskou – Felony

Well well… today I bring you a piece from Slovakia! I’ve never been there, but I lived in Krakow for a year… pretty close (random fact of the day). So, this track belongs to Naskou and he posted it on my Downtempo Artists Group, and I felt in love with it. It has great texture and a cool variety of sounds. What I’m about to say may sound cliche, but I feel this track tells a story. First, I got influenced by the name of it – Felony. If you don’t know what it means, is basically a heavy crime… so when I started listening to it, I felt like a crime/mystery story was being told to me. Unfortunately, I end up not imagining the ending… was the assassin captured?

Artist – Naskou
Song – Felony
Genre – Crime story?
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

Now I’d say “follow Naskou on Facebook etc etc”, but he told me he hasn’t one, so follow him on Soundcloud, where “Felony” is set for free download:

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#12 Sloth Trees – Lack of trying

It has been a while since I’ve posted here… I’ve been busy with work and stuff, but as you can tell with this post, Sifot is still on! Today I bring you a beautiful song from a special city. Bermingham is the place where “Cultural Studies”, the area of study of my first degree, got its first boom… I know this hasn’t anything to do with Sloth Trees’ track, but hey…it’s my blog.

Anyway, this song is great for you to relax and think about cultural studies…kidding. “Lack of trying” of Sloth Trees makes me think that the song would fit really well in some movie soundtrack. I didn’t ask S.T. if some of the samples/sounds were supposed to be a bit out of tempo, but I liked it (glitch lover here!). Because of it, I stop expecting to hear the snare (snare lover here! Ok, I stop), and I end up paying more attention to the harmony. I would say that “hypnotic” is the best word to describe the track. Maybe “minimal”…I don’t know, what do you think?

Artist – Sloth Trees
Song – Lack of trying
Genre – Minimal / Electronica
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

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