#19 Gustavsite – Sade

Hey hey! Are you sade? No, really…are you? I don’t know what does “sade” mean, but I’m happy with it (god, I’m terrible with jokes). So, Sade is the track I’m bringing you today. It was made by Gustavsite, from France. Just, to clarify, I really don’t know what “sade” means. After checking in google translator, no english or french was working for me. Google told me to check it in swedish. It seems that it means “say” (like someone “said” something), but I don’t think Gustavsite wanted to express anything in swedish lol. Forgot to ask.

Anyways… I don’t know about you, but I love downtempo related tracks with sax. Obviously I liked this one. But the whole song is cool, so even if you aren’t crazy with saxs as I am, you can still check it out.

Artist – Gustavsite
Song – Sade
Genre – Downtempo / Storyteller / Sade song? (Not sad…I’m just really bad with jokes)
Source – Downtempo Artists Group

You can follow Gustavsite’s work at:

Gustavsite was clear about all his tracks being free for download, so this is no exception:

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