#24 Hideyoshi – Null

I’m not gonna pretend to understand Japanese (in fact I get some words and basic expressions), so there won’t be any comment about the lyrics of this track. I just felt caught by its cool vibe and light atmosphere. If you understand japanese and want to summarize the track, feel free to comment once I wasn’t able to find the lyrics through google. I did find them on Spotify, but there isn’t any bio on their profile.


Well, I found this song in a “finger dance” video. For some reason I can’t remember, I searched on youtube for recent “finger dancing” posts to see if the movement was dead or alive. The first one I clicked was a performance of a dancer called Kasumi Sakurai…and bamm, the track got stuck instantly in my head. Repeat mode all afternoon. “Null” has a laid back feel which guarantees instant good humor to the listener. I’d say it also has soundtrack potencial once I’m always picturing cinematic situations in my head. At the same time I might have been influenced by the clip.

Waitttttttttt! I just realized that the “finger dancing” vídeo is the actual Hideyoshi Null’s clip hahahaha. So there you go…

Artist – Hideyoshi
Song –  Null
Genre* – Japanese Alternative Rock/ Melodic Paradise to my hears =)
Source – Youtube search for Finger Dancing
*  It’s more of a guess…

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