#15 The Mask of Chill – Soft Rain

The track I’m bringing you is not new, it has two years already, but I’ve found it more or less recently. It’s not difficult to mentally ramble, within anything that comes to your mind in the moment you listen to it. It feels like it was an experience song because it has only two minutes, and I would like to listen to the rest of the story. For instance, it could go from a “Soft Rain” to a “Heavy Rain” if you know what I mean (no, not the videogame).

Quentin Austin or, if you prefer, The Mask of Chill, is the creator of this peace and he lives somewhere in the clouds. So just visit his page for more content like this…

Artist – The Mask of Chill
Song – Soft Rain
Genre – Chill Out / Experimental / Two minutes track?
Source – Downtempo Artists Group 

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