#14 Sub Liquid – Monday Whispers

Yo! Long time no see… I’ve just realized how said this site (blog?) is… I’m not posting anything, but at the same time I can’t forget it. Anyway… today I’m posting.

And today it is not monday, but I promise you’ll like this track I’ve found. The song is called Monday Whispers and it was made by Graham Pisarek, or Sub Liquid if you prefer. This track is the first song of his 2014 LP (Beneath Your Reflection):

“Beneath Your Reflection” is an eight track electronic exploration of Downtempo, Instrumental Hip Hop, and IDM. Based on found sound and organic instrumentation, with an emphasis on melody and atmosphere. The album marks the 10th release from the Northern California composer, and his first full length effort.” Sub Liquid’s Soundcloud

You can expect a nice guitar mixed with cool textures and electronic whispers (me trying to be poetic). I think it is best for you to listen to it…

Artist – Sub Liquid
Song – Monday Whispers (from Beneath Your Reflection LP)
Genre – Trip Hop/ IDM/ Monday songs?
Source – Downtempo Artists Group 

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Beneath Your Reflection is for sale in a “name your price” system here, but you can listen to Monday Whispers (and other tracks) for free:


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